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Contemporary art of today, took birth in the second half of the 20th through 21st century, Contemporary Artists work is generally conceptualized on global influence, cultural and diversity and in recent times technologically advancing world. The Contemporary Art is a dynamic combination of materials, medium, concepts, techniques and varied subjects that yet continuing to challenge and pushing the boundaries. Diverse and eclectic, contemporary art as a whole is discerned by the very absence of a uniformed principles. Contemporary art is largely part of a cultural framework that co relates to personal and cultural identity, family, community, and nationality. The very first terminology was awarded by an art critic Roger Fry in 1910, later in 1930s many other institutions used this locution founded by Australian Contemporary art Society. Thus created a historic affirmation of the terminology CONTEMPORARY

Black beauty by Megha Mathur

Funnily enough in common para lance contemporary art and modern art is considered same. There had been many debates on Contemporary Art terminology used for Modern Art, art critics claims that in this modern society both terminology Contemporary Art and Modern Art are synonymous, many art critic believe Modern Art to be a bona fide term. Later in 1960s many museums found this change inevitable and decided to use a combination of both words to recreate their terminology “Modern and Contemporary Art”, but until World War 2, the battle of terminology continued. A Very Renowned Sociologist of the time Nathalie Heinich have new connotation to the two terms according to her Modern Art challenges the conventions of art world and Contemporary Challenges the very idea of the Art World.

What was or can be the theme for such artworks or what constitutes a contemporary art piece? Contemporary art, unlike Realism does not have one, single subject or point of view and thought process. Its view instead being unclear, it perhaps reflect the world of today. It can be created with a subject contradictory, confusing, and open-ended. However a number of common themes that have appeared in contemporary works. While these can depend on politics, the physical body, the globalization, technology migration, society, culture, time, memory and travel logs.

Contemporary art is sometimes not considered as an Art, as the public that does not feel that contemporary art share   same institutions and its values of a Real Art. In the 1990s, contemporary art became a part of popular culture, suggesting that even skepticism, rejection, responses to its legitimation seemingly inexorable invasion of Contemporary Art. However, the acceptance of non- traditional art like Contemporary Art in museums and art societies has increased due to changing perspectives.

Today’s modern times when there are so many given wide variety of mediums and methods for this style of art there is likely to be some form that will appeal to each person. what may be considered pleasing to the eye may vary depending on the viewer

Finally we can say that Contemporary Art is a relaxing, free and inspiring personal expression, it can depict cultural commentary and it can very thought provoking, changes in the world manifest through this art today’s modern society need to accept and promote such Art forms.

Megha Mathur,


Tista Art Gallery

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