“I am a free flowing, emotive and intuitive painter. I draw inspiration from the natural environment, seeking always to bring life to them on my canvas”.

Sonal grew up in the vibrant and colourful culture of Rajasthan in western India. Sonal has been painting for last 18 years. She has always been inspired by colours and she started painting when her daughter came into her life – literally bringing colours to life!

Sonal believes her paintings speak to her and others and make her alive and live in the moment. She combines Oil paints, Palette Knife and Brush strokes to bring to life the compositions. Her paintings are inspired by the Nature: representing Life itself and the possibilities it presents – moment by moment.

Sonal found her calling in landscapes although she enjoys painting Folk Art, Portraits, Abstracts and Miniature painting.

Sonal, along with other art enthusiasts, started a community of artists called Love for Arts.  She has proudly co-organised successful art exhibitions involving a community of many upcoming artists in Singapore called the Symphony in colours 2017, Celebrations 2019, Art for Humanity exhibition for raising funds for covid survivors & many online exhibitions. Workshop artists and various exhibiting artists from different genre were presented with an opportunity to exhibit their artwork on a big platform. Together they also organised a  fundraising Art Auction for I India charity based in Jaipur and Home Charity in Singapore.

As a co-founder of Tista Art Gallery, Sonal envisioned a gallery which is accessible to everyone as a vibrant spcae providing a platform to Artists for their artistic expression and foster greater social interactions, learning & creativity.  She is committed to building a long term relationship with the art collectors & Art enthusiasts

Sonal is passionate about Benefits of Art and Artful living for Kids. She believes that Art helps the kids to understand themselves and their world better. Open ended art for kids gives them  endless opportunities to make choices, make decisions and evaluate results, thus developing their problem solving abilities.

Sonal encourages Art as a way of life for adults too. She believes that we are all born with an innate desire to express ourselves and art is the most blissful medium for that. Art boosts self esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment. Painting and Art also improves the quality of life for patients suffering from chronic illnesses, providing them a coping mechanism.

Please connect with Sonal for personalized art lessons, commissioned artwork, art workshop,DIY art- sets and as your art buddy .

Sonal’s artworks are in private collections in Singapore, India and USA.

She can be connected through her Facebook page ( and

Past exhibition:-

February 2016 :Artist at Tatinis pop up store

October 2016 : Exhibited at Hollandse club

February 2017: Organiser and Artist at Symphony In Colours Exhibitions at The Visual Arts Center, Singapore

July 2017: Makers Faire 2017 at the Science Centre, Singapore.

December 2017: Artscape exhibition at SOTA ( School of the Arts), Singapore.

May 2019: Tatinis Art Show, Singapore organised by Tista Art Gallery

September 2019: Bank Art Fair, Shangri La hotel in Singapore

October 2019: Organiser & Artist at Symphony in colours- Celebrations Art exhibition.

May 2020:Organiser & Artist at Art for Humanity, an online charity art exhibition.

May 2020: Organised an online kids art exhibition, Colours of Life.

June 2020: Organised an online photography exhibition, Through the lens.

October 2020: Organised an online art exhibition, Art Fiesta.

September 2022:Organised  Art Jamming at Awadh, Singapore

October 2022: Organiser & Artist at Art Fiesta Art Exhibition at Visual Arts Centre, Singapore.

November 2022: Exhibited at Affordable Art Fair, Singapore.

December 2022: Varnam Art Exhibition, Singapore.

Sonal’s Artworks