Art is a journey with many folds: the more you learn… the yearning to learn more intensifies.

Megha Mathur is a hobbyist turned full time artist. She has passionately pursued art and craft right from her childhood. She has double Bachelors degree in Arts and Education and has had a career as a teacher and briefly as a Real Estate agent in Singapore. She is a qualified Art Curator. She has worked through many mediums and materials for her creative artworks. She loves to paint with acrylics, doing figurative, folk art and mixed media mostly. Her paintings depict her thoughts in abstraction form and contemporary styles.

She promotes Up- cycling, unused and waste materials to create various art forms. She has contributed to the community through the Passion Arts Festival 2016 where she has taught bottle paintings to many community children. In 2017, she was appreciated for setting up a recycling booth for a community club.

She has also co-organized and participated in an art Exhibition, Symphony in Colours in February 2017, an exhibition created for local emerging artists. Megha started a community of artists called Love for Art ( sg).This community group organizes workshops, exhibitions and meet-ups for upcoming artists and crafters.

Makers Fair’17, an event organized by Science Centre, awarded her with ‘Maker of Merit’ award for her successful workshops on pointillism.

Megha exhibited her contemporary artwork in a group exhibition’ Artscape’ at SOTA (School of the Arts) Singapore.

Megha’s passion led her to start a gallery, Tista Art Gallery, in partnership with a very close friend and contemporary fellow artist. The gallery aims to promote art, benefiting artists and the collectors. Tista Art Gallery aims to introduce and nurture new artists and creating more opportunities for seasoned artists.

Past exhibitions

  • May 2019-Tatinis Art show
  • February 2017: Organiser and Artist at Symphony In Colours Exhibition at Visual Arts Center, Singapore
  • July 2017: Makers Faire 2017 at the Science Centre, Singapore.
  • December 2017: Artscape exhibition at SOTA (School of the Arts),
  • May 2019: Tatinis Art show
  • September 2019:Bank Art Fair
  • October 2019: Symphony in Colours Celebration
  • May 2020 :Art for Humanity (online exhibition)\
  • May 2020: Colours of Life (online exhibition)
  • June 2020 – Through The Lens (online exhibition)
  • October 2020: Art Fiesta (online exhibition
  • September 2022 : Art Jamming @Awadh.
  • October 2022 : Art Fiesta at Visual Art Center Singapore
  • December 2022 – Varnam at Visual Art Center Singapore.

Megha’s artworks are in private collections in Singapore and India. She can be connected through her Facebook page- Homespun by Megha

Megha’s Artworks