Art Fiesta 2022

Art Fiesta 2022

14-15 Oct 2022 || Visual Arts Centre, Singapore

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Dr. Shweta Lall

Tista art gallery is a landmark in the field of art and its various hues. It has an eclectic collection of art by professionals and also promotes amateur budding artists. People from all walks of life with an innate desire to experiment with the brush are welcomed with open arms. Tista Art Gallery is a name to reckon with; a coven of talent.

Dr. Shweta Lall

Raka Sharma

Tista Art Gallery is a good gallery to work with, providing good support & follow up, with an excellent team of Megha & Sonal.

Raka Sharma

About Us

Tista Art Gallery was founded by two friends, Megha & Sonal, out of sheer passion and love for the Arts. Art that brings joy to their lives and instil innovation & creativity in them

Tista Art Gallery is accessible to everyone as a vibrant space and is committed to providing a platform to Artists for their artistic expression and foster social interactions, learning & creativity. The Gallery showcases a variety of artwork in different styles and genres and each piece relays the passion & experiences of their artists.

The Gallery also aspires to bring Joy and satisfaction to the Art collectors & buyers by offering to them unique & quality artwork.

Tista Art Gallery organises Art Exhibitions in Singapore and abroad where artwork of emerging and established artists are showcased.

We organise Art Exhibitions, Art Auctions for Charity, Community Art Projects, Corporate team- building events, Art Workshops for adults and kids, Art Therapy sessions for a Stress -free lifestyle and off-site Art Retreats.

Tista art gallery specialises in Art curation, Art photography, Artist portfolio creation and buying & selling of artwork.

Tista Art online features Classic Oil paintings on Canvas, Acrylic paintings, Mixed media works, Watercolor artwork, Sculptures and Digital Art in their pure & artistic forms. 

To view and buy a piece of Art for your home, workspace or business, please contact the Gallery at