ARTISTKimi Shaabi

Kimi Shaabi

“I believe that paintings come from stories and have stories to tell.”

Kimi Shaabi is a spontaneous artist by passion and a counsellor by profession. Becoming an artist allowed her to integrate the aspects of her life as a creative and as a healer. Creating allows her to bring together and express her loves of painting, photography, travelling, history, healing and storytelling!

“Our lives become our biggest inspirations for the stories we tell and through our creative processes we breathe life into these stories.
I am inspired by the narratives I hear, by the sagas of history, by nature’s tales and by the stories of places I have travelled to.”

She works primarily with acrylics and layers them with mixed media techniques and stenciling. Gold leafing, watercolors, inks, pastels, waxes and stains, are blended in varying combinations on wood or canvas substrates.
There is almost always a twist to the tale with unique dimensional elements, which have won her paintings a lot of appreciation and got her international commissions.
Kimi is based in Singapore.

Kimi’s Artworks